How does it all work?

Let’s break down the entire process – from scheduling, to pickup, to delivery and confirmation.

Schedule Pickup

To start we schedule pickup of your package & add your delivery into our route. Our smart routing technology helps us get your package picked up & delivered as quickly & efficiently as possible.

Pickup & Scan-In

Once we receive your package, we scan it in or take a photo of it as proof of pickup. From there it’s in the system and tracked until delivery.

On Route

Your package is on it’s way stored safely in one of our fleet vehicles, and will be delivered on time as scheduled with you prior to pickup. You can track the status, and if anything changes, just call us!


Upon delivery of your package, we take a photo to confirm, and mark it as delivered in our system. Ensuring you never have to double check that it arrived on time.

How We Deliver Great Results

To ensure every delivery happens on time we utilize advanced technology. These allow us to plan routes efficiently, track deliveries in real-time from pick up to delivery, provide data analysis and much more.

Route Optimization

With live Google Tracking we track and optimize our routes to ensure on-time deliveries and maximum efficiency.

Real-Time Optimal Dispatch

Optimize your distribution with our technology-backed dispatch solutions.

Mini Routing technique for faster turnaround while stabilizing workflow and reducing the strain of department bottleneck.  Discourage interference to your department WIP limits.

Whether you need same day on-demand services, scheduled deliveries, dedicated fleet services or all of the above, our Dispatch software can help you effectively achieve it all. 

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We also offer long-term and recurring service contracts. These are personalized to your needs and include reporting on performance and cost-savings.
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